When to Hire a Lawyer

Is it time to hire a lawyer to represent you in court? It’s fair to say that any legal experience is better handled by an attorney. However, not every situation requires their assistance due to the costs and simplicity of the case. Sometimes, however, going to court without the best fairfax lawyers by your side is a big mistake that you don’t want to make.

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Make sure the lawyer is there to represent your case in the following situations:

·    Juvenile Cases: Juveniles need attorneys when they’ve been charged with crimes that may cause the matter to be turned over to adult court or when other serious charges are placed upon them.

·    Federal Charges: A federal criminal charge could mean a lifetime behind bars in a federal prison if convicted of the charge. With an attorney by your side, the risks of being convicted are reduced.

·    DUI: Driving Under the Influence is a very serious crime in Fairfax, especially if it’s not your first conviction. You face time in jail that’s mandatory by state law, fines, and other harsh penalties as well as a lifetime of trouble.

·    Felony Charges: There are many types of felony charges that can land you on probation, behind bars, and in other legal troubles, ranging from white collar crimes to kidnapping, sexual assault, breaking and entering, and others. Make sure that the lawyer is by your side when it’s time to answer the felony charge that you face.

Lawyers offer free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case so you understand firsthand what they can do for your case. Take advantage of this consultation and you’ll get results when they’re needed the most. So much is on the line when the cases above are at hand. Don’t take any chances and appear in court without a lawyer.