Do First-Time Criminal Offenders Need a Lawyer?

If you are a first-time criminal offender, there is a good chance your charge will get dismissed or reduced. So often, people get involved with crimes because they simply made a bad choice, not because it’s the lifestyle they want to live. With an otherwise clean criminal record, a judge is less likely to throw the book at you.

But, do not let this deter you from hiring a lawyer. Some judges take certain types of criminal charges to heart and will stick the book to the defendant even when they have an otherwise clean criminal record. Sometimes, events and stories are misconstrued and blown out of proportion. Without a lawyer, explaining your side may not be so simple. Rest assured a lawyer prepares a defense to use in court that keeps you out of hot water.

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The seriousness of the charge is also taken into consideration by the judge when determining your fate. The more serious the crime, the more important it is to hire a lawyer to represent you in court. Felony charges may land you in prison for multiple years and that is certainly not the future you want to endure.

Besides, the assurance that comes from knowing a lawyer is by your side is second to none. When a lawyer is there, you know that someone who knows and understands laws and who isn’t afraid to stand up to the other guys is by your side to handle the situation. Lawyers are there to help you out in any criminal situation that you may have found yourself involved with.

Search for a good criminal defense attorney near me rather than retaining the first name that comes along. Some lawyers are more apt to win in court and have the desire to get that victory than others. Look for a lawyer with winning experience and an excellent courtroom reputation to ensure that you get exceptional results.